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Restaurants and Hotels

We take pride in the personal relationships we build with our clients.  Over the years we work together to build their perfect tea menus and service.  As their needs adapt so do our services.  We hope to provide the best customer service available anywhere.  We can do this because we are a small, tea-obsessed team not a large faceless organisation. 


No customer is too big or too small.  We work with tiny teashops and gastro pubs as well as Michelin starred restaurants and grand hotels.  We are very proud of all of our clients and we know each other by first names.


Tea Menus

Our customers are as varied as their customers.  We work together to tailor unique tea menus to their exact specifications.


Not only do we help create the perfect list of teas for our customers but we can write the tea menu and provide tasting notes and training.



Tea Pairing

Many of our customers require more than just tea. They want to provide the perfect tea to match a dish or the perfect dish to match a tea.


We have worked with some of the best in their fields to pair our expertise with theirs to create not only new and surprising flavour combinations but reintroduce classic and historical pairings:


  • Afternoon Tea
  • Chocolate
  • Cheese (watch a short film about tea and cheese pairing)
  • Wine
  • Charcuterie




This is one of our most dedicated areas of expertise.  We work with legendary bar tenders including Tony Conigliaro, Nick Strangeway and Brian Silva.



Brand Consultancy

Henrietta Lovell lends her wealth of experience and boundless enthusiasm. She has provided her expertise to Brands including:

Rare Tea Consultancy Brands


Bespoke Blends

Having a bespoke blend created for you is rather like having a tailor made suit fits exactly. The only difference is that there are far fewer people who can create a bespoke blend. 


Each blend is made by Henrietta over personal consultations.


Henrietta has created blends for clients including Noma, Mark Hix, Angela Hartnett, The Dunhill Club and the RAF and Fergus Henderson's St John. It takes an extremely high level of expertise not only to find the most exquisite leaves from the world finest harvest but to understand the complexity of combination. 



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