Rare Tea Subscriptions Rare Tea Subscriptions

If you find yourself in love with one of our teas, you can keep yourself fully stocked (and save some money) by buying a subscription. We currently have two options:


Six Month Subscription 

We will send you a tin of your favourite tea and two refills as soon as you order, and then we'll keep you stocked up with three more pouches every month for six months - a total of 18 pouches of tea. 


Twelve Month Subscription 

As with the six month subscription we will send you a tin of your favourite tea and two refill pouches when you order. Then we we will send three pouches a month for the rest of the year - a total of 36 pouches of tea. 


Customer care and follow-up

We will start your subscription on the date of your order. If you'd prefer us to start it on a particular date or to defer an instalment, just drop us an email at cs@rareteacompany.com


Please note that postage costs are included in the checkout price. 


Not everybody stays in the same place all year round. As such, we are happy to send your monthly orders where you need them. To have your tea sent to your new address, email us (again, at cs@rareteacompany.com) and one of our staff will be in touch promptly to help.