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  • Murano


    I am extremely proud to tell you that Angela Hartnett loves my tea! I did a tasting for her and I have to tell you I love Angela. She is really kind and warm and funny. Not many chefs are quite as lovely. You can now find my teas at Murano.

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  • Bertinet


    There’s a wonderful man in Bath who loves bread as much as I do tea. Five years ago, he opened up a cookery school with his wife, Jo. His classes have been described as ‘life-changing’, winning numerous accolades, and his bread-making course is booked out months and months in advance. People are queuing up in their thousands to catch some of the infectious passion he has for all things dough.

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  • OFM awards

    OFM awards

    I can't tell you what a difference it made to me and Rare Tea to win this award last year. It was all thanks to you. Lovely customers and friends, it would be so very, very kind if you voted for me again. Please follow this link the category is Best independent or online retailer.

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  • Rooibos Tea-V

    Rooibos Tea-V

    As you may know if you've been follow my blog I've recently been to South Africa to visit the farm where my Rooibos grows wild. Here it is- available on the website and at Waitrose. And here is the film I made about the farm for Guardian Travel. And here is the article I wrote to accompany the film. Its one of my favourite places in the world and the rooibos really is spectacular.

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  • Chocola-tea


    On a wet and miserable Tuesday in June we had the most splendid evening at Paul A. Young’s chocolate shop in Islington. Over the past few months, Paul and I have been working together on producing tea chocolates and bars, and this evening saw the launch of our White Silver Tip tea chocolate.

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