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Henrietta's white silver tip tea is simply exquisite.  


Angelica Houston

This has to be tea at its finest.

Mark Hix

The Rare Tea Company exemplifies the very best of quality food and drink in Britain today:  the exquisite good taste of one gifted individual, Henrietta Lovell, realised in a collection of superlative products, in this case the very best teas that money can buy.


Jay Rayner, Observer Restaurant Critic

The tea from the Rare Tea Company is truly unique. Sourced directly from the small mountain tea gardens in China its pure and natural flavours create some fantastic blends. I am proud to offer this tea selection at The Kitchin as it is very much in line with the restaurant's philosophy 'From Nature to Plate'.


Tom Kitchin

I met you at Glastonbury this year and it was a real pleasure to talk to you and see the clear passion that you have for your product. The Earl Grey tea was truly the best I have ever had. I have just placed my first order with you and cannot wait for the tea to arrive.

Mark Tiana

The Rare Tea Company creates teas of outstanding quality and aroma.  They offer the finest full leaves with intense flavours (Jasmine is our favourite at Tom Aikens) and Henrietta Lovell provides an excellent service.

Tom Aikens

Alexander McCall Smith writes about Henrietta and Rare Tea in his novel Corduroy Mansions serialised in The Telegraph:


Just inside the doorway as she went in, an elegant, dark-haired woman was dispensing small cups of tea to arriving customers. Jenny took the proffered cup and sipped.
"Jasmine," said the woman. "Can you smell it?"
Jenny nodded, glancing at the open silver packet of tea on the table. The Rare Tea Company.
"White tea," said the woman, "Scented with jasmine. And this is oolong. Would you care to try it? I'm Henrietta, by the way."

Henrietta's teas are just wonderful; full of flavour, purity and freshness and yet still so delicate. The jasmine tea is the best I've ever tried.


Katie Exton, Chez Bruce Sommelier

I first discovered the Rare Tea Company about a year ago, and have since become hooked on the Jasmine Silver tip in particular. I brew it up first thing in the morning (it's more refreshing than coffee and does you a whole lot more good), and last thing at night.

To top it all- when I've finished brewing the tea, and the leaves have cooled down, I put them on my eyes as you would with cucumber slices and it makes my skin really soft, despite having scoured layers of makeup off after a show.

Having performed extensively throughout Asia, and having drunk many different teas in Japan, Taiwan and China- I can safely say that the teas that Henrietta sources are by far the best I have ever tasted.


Eos, Bond

Seriously the RAF tea has been a live saver out here!


RAF Airman in Afghanistan

It's the best tea I've ever drunk.

Bob Tyrer, Times Wine Critic

Thank you for providing a really good quality whole leaf green tea. Ever since I visited China in 2009 I have been searching for a green tea that was of as good a quality as that which I bought there; I have visited oriental shops, scoured the internet for specialist suppliers, and tried more varieties than I can count but had always been disappointed. Finally I spotted yours in my local branch of Waitrose and it turned out to be exactly what I have been looking for: a top quality whole leaf green tea without any bitterness or dry aftertaste, which can be infused more than once without any detriment to its flavour. Thank you so much, and I look forward to trying your other varieties.


Jonathan Barritt

Just a quick note to tell you I am SO pleased with the quality of your teas. I knew something like these teas must have existed, but I just couldn't find them. And here they are! My favorite so far: Moriuchi. I lived in Japan for 25 years and may have gotten spoiled. Now, finally, I can get a good cup of tea again.


Donald Maynard

I just thought i should tell you about my tea experience. At 32 years old I had never finished a cup of tea. They were always horrible, either too bitter or too sweet or too milky or too flavourless. Then I found the Rare Tea Company and everything changed. Now I enjoy drinking tea.


I can only drink Rare Tea Company tea though; I have never found another tea that comes close.


Thank you!


Your Rooibos really is the best I have ever tasted! I also love the Lost Malawi - one if my favourite places, Malawi that is.

Maureen Cusik

"I wasn't expecting to love the ceramic tea-set so much. There is a great joy to be had by holding it in your cupped hands like a hot stone.  It is a properly beautiful thing. Thank you."

Brock Norman Brock

Absolutely love the Oolong and the Earl Grey is the best we have had from any where.

J. Graves


Your teas have taken me to a new level of appreciation for tea, I loved it before now I adore it! It excites the taste buds just thinking about having another cup of your tea. Thank you for bringing it to the masses!


Richard Carter


Thanks for introducing me to such a wonderful new experience. I had read about tea infusions and quality tea in the past, but never quite understood what it was actually involved or how to go about it; or what all the fuss was about, but now I know!

Definitely a whole new world opening up before me.

Mark Cumpston

Hello Henrietta,

I have just finished my second cup of jasmine silver tip tea from the second brew and amazingly it does taste even better than the first.  The aftertaste is incredible- the fine texture it leaves in the mouth.

Maybe it is that after five weeks of 99% organic raw food my palette is very sensitive and tuned, but this tea is what I have been waiting for. What more can I say but thank you, thank you, thank you.

For the last few years I have been checking different teas and making it slowly more of a thing in my life. For a long time I have been aware of the zen rituals of tea making and drinking and that at some time I would adopt these practices and you are the catalyst for me to now take this into the next level. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I would like to add that the reason I went immediately to your site and placed an order was very simple: in a few sentences of you talking about these teas I recognised your passion for what you do.  I will think of you often over the years and raise a cup to you for flicking my switch.
Sending  you best wishes, peace and love,

Xed Lehead

p.s Many thanks for your very informative and beautiful website, your enthusiasm and passion, and for doing it right.

I'd like to congratulate you on some truly remarkable teas. I recently stayed at The St Pancras Hotel in London where I thoroughly enjoyed the best pot of peppermint tea I've ever had. And, after asking the waitress which brand of tea it was, I promptly purchased some Peppermint, Lemon Verbena, White whole leaf and White silver tip, each one as exceptional as the last.

Oliver Bartlett

Dear Henrietta,
Thank you so much for the tea you sent.  It arrived this morning and, I have to confess, I had absolutely no idea that tea could taste that delicious.  It is a complete revelation, and is the beginning of a conversion to tea drinking that I thought would never happen!


Marisa Orchard

Many thanks for the teas, they are truly flawless.

Matei Dordea

I was a little worried I wouldn't have a sophisticated enough of a palette to be that wowed by Lost Malawi,  but it's truly remarkable how different it is. It's like tea for the very first time.


Rick Siedle

Thank you for recent delivery of the White Silver Tip & Oolong.  I spent a weekend in bliss supping the finest teas you can buy.


Ian Jones

You have given me great joy - the preparation with the new equipment, so small and fine, measuring quantities and temperatures for a new tea. These activities helped focus my attention and concentration, so I was 100% present for the first tasting . That tea is most surely a delight!


Carl Dalton

I've just received my jasmine silver tip. I have never tasted jasmine tea like it! I've thrown away the musty old jasmine tea I've had in the cupboard for weeks and have ordered a batch from you! Delicious!


David Davies

I just wanted to say how delighted I am by both your tea and your service. I bought some tea as a Christmas present and something for myself, which I am already enjoying. I can hardly contain myself waiting until Christmas because I know that your tea is going to be very well received.

I was so pleased to have found you. I can't tell you how many bitter Jasmine teas I have tried before I found yours - which I am drinking as I write. I always refill the pot to get more for my money, and you can't do that with a bad tea because it tastes horrid. I don't call bad teas 'cheap' because they aren't always and, anyway, any amount spent on a bad tea is too much. My partner loves white tea. As with the Jasmine it is hard to tell what you might be getting. You can't go on price as you can often do with other products. Anyway, long may you thrive.
Thanks again,



I thought I must write and tell you whatan amazing difference your wonderful teas have made to my recovery from the nausea side effects of Chemotherapy. Particularly your Silver Tip Teas. If only I had known about it when I first started on Chemo back in 2005. I have entirely defeated the nausea which comes often with this treatment. And the tea is so lovely, light, delicate and refreshing - such a joy to prepare and then savour. It truly is so very different from the usual herbal or fruit teas one finds in supermarkets. Thank you for introducing me to it. I would recommend it for all sorts of digestive problems.

I have also found it very effective in bringing a peaceful night's sleep after a hectic and worrying day.

Everyone should know about it!



Thank you for the green and oolong teas. The oolong tea is wonderful, they are a treat at the end of a tough day.


Marie Jerrold

Yes I am enjoying the tea ENORMOUSLY. What a blessing it is on a troubled tum.

From a customer undergoing chemotherapy.

I've just ordered some more tea from you (green tea this time), and I thought I'd write and let you know how much I like your company.  It is very comforting for me to know that there are lots of tea aficionados out there, and that I am not alone.  Keep up the good work.  

All the best,



I have just had a cup of white silver tip tea...I don't know what to say except that my tea-drinking and quite possibly my life will never be the same again. I had begun to buy the green tea bag tea etc and thought that my tea life was improving. But it was nothing...nothing...And you're need for honey anymore...can't wait to try the others...can't wait for my second brew (followed directions carefully...made just one cup)

Thank-you thank you thank you rare tea.. I'm yours for life



Mrs C Chewlow

I am writing this rather late at night as you will see when you receive this e-mail. I am also writing it when I am rather squiffy.

Well...actually quite squiffy since I was trying out a bottle of chardonnay which frankly I do not like but I thought it might be better being a real French once this time, but actually it wasn't. Still...enough of that. The reason why I am writing is that once upon a time when I was squiffy like this I could have stuck a T-bag in a tea cup, even if it was quite a posh tea bag, i.e. Birt and Tang or people like that which I had been perfectly happy with before...But now I cannot. Now I have to make a proper tea-pot with my tea from RARE TEA, and measure it out, and do the whole thing about getting a spoon and measuring it out to get the perfect cup, AND ALL THIS WHEN I AM VERY SQUIFFY. And all this because EVEN WHEN I AM SQUIFFY I WANT YOUR TEA.

I think you will understand why I blame you!

PS: I will need to re-order soon.

I have just made my first cup of oolong. I'm not sure where Shangri La is but I know they drink oolong tea there.

I've become quite a fanatic myself and think the Rare Tea Co is a very good thing indeed.


B N Brock

When I got pregnant I was looking for low caffeine tea and came across The Rare Tea Company. I bought the Jasmine Silvertip tea and I love it. It actually helps with the morning sickness.


Maria Then, New York