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The Financial Times

"If I can make people appreciate tea, it will change the world." 

Henrietta Lovell in The Financial Times Weekend Magazine, The Inventory.

The Food Programme

Henrietta reports from the tea-farm in Malawi where she sources Lost Malawi tea and talks to the people who grow and craft this incredible tea.

In Business

In this special report, the BBC's Peter Day explores Rare Tea Company's approach to business - kindness, generosity and openness - and considers whether other companies might follow our lead.

FT How To Spend It

Henrietta on banishing the bag, and bespoke blending... 

The Independent

An article on the wonders of booze-free cocktails, featuring the work we do with Noma, Claridge's and Chateau Marmont.

The Daily Telegraph

The art of the perfect cup of tea.


Catalina Stogdon talks to Henrietta about loose leaf tea and scones at Royal Ascot.

USA Today

Rare Tea has launched at Claridge's. Here is what USA Today has to say...

TIME Magazine

Theunis Bates writes:

Determined to get Brits to try new brews, Lovell's Rare Tea Company sources and sells exclusive, uncommonly tasty teas from Asia and Africa.

New York Times

Amanda Hesser, food writer, editor and cookbook author writes in New York Magazine:

I had Tregothnan Earl Grey tea, which I get online from Rare Tea Company. They're in England. I read about them a couple of years ago and I ordered some, and it was so much better than any tea that I've had before...I really like their silver tip and they have a great jasmine tip, which makes fantastic ice cream.

Chicago Tribune

Bill Daley reports on Henrietta's mission to De-bag Britain.

BBC 1 - Victoria Wood's Nice Cup of Tea

Henrietta featured on Victoria Wood's BBC 1 documentary, 'Nice Cup of Tea'.

Sunday Brunch - Channel 4

Henrietta frequently appears on the Channel 4 television programme Sunday Brunch, talking all things tea.

Monocle 24 Radio - The Entrepreneurs

Henrietta spoke to Daniel Giacopelli about the Rare Tea Co journey.

Monocle Radio

The Rare Tea Lady on Monocle Radio's 'The Menu'. (40 minutes in)

Wall Street Journal

A tour of Afternoon Tea in London, including Claridge's naturally, and some words from Rare Tea Lady.

Hole & Corner - Senses Issue

A tea education with Henrietta.

Selling Tea to China

Henrietta talks Hazel Davis from Route to Growth about selling tea to China

The Scented Letter

The Rare Tea Lady talks about tea parings with The Perfume Society

The Women's Room Blog

So you think you know how to make a cup of tea? Henrietta sets the record straight

Great British Chefs

First installment by the Rare Tea Lady - How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

Gear Patrol

Matthew Rudofker, Executive Chef at Momofuku Ssäm Bar includes our Earl Grey in his '18 Tools that World-Class Chefs Can’t Cook Without'.

Misadventures Magazine

Henrietta caught up with the magazine on a trip to Boston. Badass Advice from the Rare Tea Lady

Food & Wine Magazine

'Chef's tea guru' - a little on Rare Tea and Noma.


The trick to making a perfect cup of tea.

Waitrose Weekend

A lovely little feature on the work we do with the Royal Air Forces Association, and the RAF Rare Tea.

The Telegraph - Beauty

Perfume notes - tea infused fragrances with Josephine Fairley from The Perfume Society.


Put the kettle on and enjoy Josephine Fairley's serving of her favourite fragrances with notes of tea, the next big thing in perfumery.

Stella Magazine

The Telegraph's Stella Magazine Christmas Gift Guide 2014

The Daily Telegraph

Firms have much to gain by advising and helping each other, the founder of the Rare Tea Company tells Rachel Bridge


Henrietta Lovell in The Daily Telegraph, Soapbox


The Financial Times

Peter Bazalgette bestows the honour of 'Number One Earl Grey' upon our Rare Earl Grey in The Financial Times Taste Test. 

The Telegraph

Rose Prince sings the praises of Rare Tea, describing RAF tea as;

Frankly the best cup of tea to be had in Blighty...

if you ask around who sells the best hear the same name - Henrietta Lovell.


Read the full article...


Rose also advocates the benefits of Rare Tea in her healthy eating column


Read the full article...

Financial Times

Bill Knott reports on Rare Tea's role in reinventing traditional afternoon tea for 21st-century tastes.


According to Henrietta Lovell evangelist for proper tea and owner of the Rare Tea Company... we are both reinventing and rediscovering a lost art.


Read the full article:

Square Meal

A new leaf- Henrietta spoke to Square Meal about bespoke blends for top chefs...

Hot Dinners

Henrietta's top places to have afternoon tea in London

The Guardian

Matthew Fort writes:

To be honest, I wasn't a China tea man - they were too refined and challenging for my clodhopping tastebuds. That was until I met Henrietta Lovell, aka the Stickler, for reasons that will become clear. 

You Magazine - Mail on Sunday

Jo Fairley interviews Henrietta for the Mail on Sunday You Magazine. The article charts the rise and success of the Tea Lady and her campaign to De-Bag Britain. 


Henrietta spoke to the magazine in the UAE about the art of tea.


Special Brew

The Rare Tea Lady and other British producers' tea success, inlcuding selling the good stuff to China.


Creative Brief

Tom Holmes' in-depth profile feature on tea lady Henrietta Lovell:


'When in 2004 [Henrietta] left behind a successful career in corporate finance to go and source fine teas across the world’s most remote estates, many of her friends thought that she was crazy.


'What they didn’t predict was that a few years later her unspoiled varieties imported to the UK from small farms in China and Africa, would serve to supply chefs like St John’s Fergus Henderson and The Fat Duck’s Heston Blumenthal...'

Flavour First

My work in food: Henrietta Lovell

The Guardian

Kate Bassett discusses international trade opportunities with Rare Tea Lady, Henrietta Lovell.

The Daily Mail

Tom Parker Bowles writes:


'The Rare Tea Company sells some of the finest tea in the world. And its Royal Air Force Tea for Heroes is not only a wonderful, loose-leaf English Breakfast blend, but 50p from every tin goes to the RAF Wings Appeal. A sip that soothes the soul, and conscience too.'

The Sunday Times

Lucas Hollweg features Rare Tea in his Word of Mouth feature:


I recently tried some flowering silver tips from the Rare Tea Company, and a whole new world of tea drinking opened up... Lovell is gaining a reputation as the couturier of the tea world.


Read the full article...


and again:


Henrietta Lovell's Rare Tea Co sells some of the world's most delicious teas. So delicious, in fact, that her jasmine silver tips have permanently changed my tea-drinking habits. The good news is you can now buy her teas in selected Waitrose. They cost more than your average char, but you not only get wonderful flavours (and rather a pretty tin), but several brews from each lot of leaves. As Lovell says: "Proper tea is not theft"


Read the full article...

The Food Programme

Henrietta was a guest on the Food Programme, where the topic of the day was New Food Entrepreneurs

RAF Launch Party

The Guardian made a film to mark the launch of the RAF tea at the Aldwych Tube station.

Waitrose Weekend

Alison Hepworth talks to tea lady Henrietta about the rising fortunes of loose leaf tea.

Waitrose Weekend

Waitrose Weekend covers Rare Tea's charity RAF tea service for veterans at the Royal unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park.

Men's Health

Siski Green recommends Green Silver tip tea from the Rare Tea Company as the decision of the tea connoisseurs:

Offer a green tea connoisseur a cuppa made from a tea bag and he or she will turn their nose up because if you really love your tea, you'll know that leaves are the only way to go.

But more than that, they also know that bog-standard green tea used bog-standard leaves, whereas the best, most delicate flavour comes from the unopened buds - and that's what silver tips are made from.

We cannot recommend this tea highly enough, it's the King of teas.

Conde Nast Traveller

Marinel FitzSimons reports on tea cocktails at the Mandarin Oriental Bar.


A clean, modern, luxury experience for travellers with sophisticated tastes.

Find the recipe here


Rare Tea cocktails - especially The Silver Mountain at 69 Colebrook Row come highly recommended as a Doable Detox.

The Sunday Times

Jon Ungoed-Thomas writes in Style:

It's a sign of the times that we're more into tea than tequila, but every problem can be solved with a cup of it....And the best new blend is Rare Tea Company's Royal Air Force Tea which ... has a distinctly fresh, almost green tea flavour.


Henrietta does a blind taste test at a tattoo parlour with some of London's most colourful characters for the Metro.  Guess which tea comes out on top?


Henrietta Lovell, "tea lady" on a one -woman crusade to change the way we approach a brew. "People who care about taste should care about tea," she says. "Think you can't get out of bed without a cup of 'builder's'? That really is just psychological, as the strong bitter taste isn't caffeine, it's tannin. You'd get more of kick out of oolong...Lovell is offering a product of the highest quality, as her industry champions attest (Mark Hix and Heston Blumenthal are fans).

The Times

Rhoda Buchanan writes:

High quality tea is tastier and the time could well be nigh to wean the nation off its comfort blanket of cheap, black tea. Once you've Oolong'd you clearly can't go back.

Waitrose Kitchen

Henrietta features in Return to Splendour as The Elegant Tea Guru.


Henrietta says:

When tea is served in a teapot you know it's going to be good.  It's very simple, it's going back to how things used to be done, but it makes all the difference.  Fine leaf tea can be expensive but you will get more cups of tea out of it than a cheaper type, so it's actually thrifty. 

Die Welt

Edle Teesorten sind bei Connaisseuren heute so begehrt wie Jahrgangsweine und dazu noch besonders gesund. Die Londonerin Henrietta Lovell hat aus ihrer Leidenschaft fur die zarten grunen Blatter ein gutes Geschaft gemacht: Mit ihrer Rare Tea Company berat sie sogar Hollywoodstars in Sachen Tee.

Delicious Magazine

Henrietta talks to Xanthe Clay about the Rare Tea story and the perfect cup of tea. Xanthe writes:


Is it worth the extra seconds [for a cup of loose leaf tea]? Drinking this fragrant, complex brew, I'm in no doubt. 

ES Magazine

Michelin starred chef Tom Aikens writes:


The Rare Tea Company imports the most beautiful teas I've ever tasted. We serve them in my restaurant and they are available at Waitrose. Some of my favourites are the Emperor's Breakfast Tea, a Chinese single-estate black tea; the unbelievably refreshing Jasmine Silver Tip, which has a heady aroma with a very soft flavour; and the Green Leaf Tea, which is hand-crafted in a wok and has the aroma of wood smoke and a clean, refreshing flavour.

London Evening Standard

In his "Smart Shopper" feature, Charles Campion champions RAF tea as:

a cuppa to cheer the few

Food and Farming Awards

Finalist in the Best Retail Initiative category in 2009.

The Sunday Times

Rare Tea Co features in the Sunday Times 2009 Top Ten Food Gifts for Christmas

The Vogue Blog

Rare Tea Co's RAF tea is featured on the Vogue Blog

Women's Hour

Henrietta spoke to Jane Garvey about the pleasures of drinking Rare Tea. 

The Guardian

Tea-lady Henrietta Lovell writes about her quest to find the finest White Silver Tip Tea


On his Bloomsberg News page Richard Vinescelebrates the launch of the RAF tea.

AnOther - The Hunger

AnOther magazine's 'The Hunger' celebrates Christmas with Emperor's Breakfast truffles and cheers our campaign to change tea drinking in Britain.

Life in Scents

Life in Scents podcast interviews Henrietta Lovell:


'We hear of her memories of sitting by Lapsang Souchong smoking-huts and of swooning from the scent of jasmine flowers mingling with tea on Chinese mountain tops. Outside of tea, we hear about her love of all sorts of organic scents, of hidden bits of parks and of her grandmother prescribing her first perfume.'

Market Kitchen

The Tea-Lady made tea for Matthew Fort and Tana Ramsay on UKTV Food's Market Kitchen


Laura Sevier extols the virtues of Wild Rooibos as a caffeine - free alternative, putting it in her online Ecologist Top Ten.

The Ministry of Defence website interviews the Battle of Britain veteran Terry Clark, who inspired Henrietta to produce the RAF tea.

Julie Carpenter reports on the bitter Cream Tea wars between Devon and Cornwall, and turns to Henrietta for advice on the perfect tea to accompany a cream tea.

RAF tea is included on the Style List as one of the most desirable items.

Tea and Cheese

Henrietta and Eric Charriaux develop the revolutionary art of tea and cheese pairing. 

The Arbutarian, the stylish digital lifestyle magazine, presents a witty take on the launch of the RAF tea commemorating the Battle of Briatin.

Green, oolong and silver-tip teas, courtesy of Rare Tea Company. Rare, because their delicate leaves can be harvested only for a few days a year, at dawn, before the buds have opened.

These teas aren't any old bags (in fact, they come loose). Founder and chief cha lady Henrietta Lovell lovingly treks up Chinese mountains to source the best leaves; all are packaged without the bulky stalks used by some con artists.

They've been called miracle cures. The jasmine silver tip is packed with antioxidants, which help keep colds at bay. It has even been linked to cancer prevention by several objective slurpers.

Whether that's unfounded or true, you're still probably better off drinking these than a chemically charged mug of freeze-dried coffee; and you'll probably be calmer, too.

Rebecca Smithers reports on the high cost of low quality tea and backs up her point with Henrietta's views on why the nation should move over to the good stuff.

Ben Machell features Rare Teas in his Six Kitchen Greats in Saturday Times Magazine

Xanthe Clay includes the RAF Gift Collection in her "Give a gorgeous gift" guide.


Read the full article...


In "Cakes and a cuppa" Xanthe recommends RAF tea as the perfect reward after a country walk.


Read the full article...

Eats, Shoots - & Leaves

It’s my job to travel the world searching out the finest leaves. I venture far from the beaten track in the mountains of China, India and Africa, but when it comes to drinking tea in the UK I order coffee, not because I prefer it, but because I don’t dare try the tea.

Brewing up a storm with the RAF

Henrietta refreshes the pilots of RAF Linton-on-Ouse and creates a bespoke blend for Terry Clark, a veteran gunner from the Battle of Britain.

Alexander McCall Smith writes about the social importance of tea. He advocates the use of loose leaf tea over tea bags and describes Rare Tea as:

tea missionaries...Their work is noble.

Bee Wilson writes about the resurgence of tea as an ingredient in cooking.

Rose Prince recommends Rare Tea in her new book The Savvy Shopper

Henrietta appears as a Very Important Producer

The tea lady is interviewed by Sainsbury's magazine about the rise of Rare Tea

Time Out

Our White Christmas collection is featured in a Time Out gift guide listing the top ten gifts for food lovers.

Thame News

Thame News Writes:
Excellent tea - proper loose leaf stuff that you have to strain through a special little receptical ... all-round deliciousness, a very pleasant way to spend time with friends as a treat

Rare white teas that are as delicious as they are good for you.

Can you help to de-bag Britain?

Henrietta visits RAF High Wycombe to make tea to the unanimous approval of the RAF personnel.

The Royal Air Force website features the Aldwych launch party for the RAF tea.

The Lady, England's oldest weekly women's magazine, features Rare Tea in their online The Lady Loves feature

 Simon Majumdar from the Dos Hermanos blog is convinced to move to Rare Tea.

In his A byte to savour blog, William Leigh is converted to the joys of RAF tea and tea cocktails.

Rare Tea features on the RMF Classic radio website in Poland.

Jasmine Silver Tip Tea - The finest white silver tips are steamed and scented with fresh jasmine flowers and it really is the most delicious jasmine tea available anywhere.

Well, I've just had my first two cups of White Silver Tip Tea. Being a fairly indiscriminate and infrequent tea drinker I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to tell it from my ordinary ****** tea bag. Fortunately this wasn't the case. It has a balance and purity of flavour that clearly sets it apart - like a fine Burgundy compared with a rustic table wine. Lovely stuff.

Packed with antioxidants, the tea will leave you feeling soothed, relaxed and utterly indulged.

Tea lovers will adore the Rare Tea Company, which stocks unusual loose leaf teas, sourced in the Fujian Province of China.

The best choice for pregnant women is its White Silver Tip Tea.  Why? It's made from tea buds rather than leaves, cutting down on the caffeine and tannin content.

White tea is also the least processed of all teas, which means it's packed with detoxifying, immune-boosting antixidants. All of which could justify the eating of a biscuit or two.