Whole Leaf Green Tea Whole Leaf Green Tea

Exquisite Chinese green tea that is meticulously hand-crafted. 

The leaves are fired in a wok over charcoal in the same way, and in the same place for 3000 years.

Clean and refreshing with bright, grassy notes and soft depth.

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More about Whole Leaf Green Tea

Our Green Leaf Tea is a traditional China tea made in the mountains of Fujian following millennia of tradition. It is carefully hand-crafted in a wok to preserve the whole leaves and buds.


Made from the soft new leaves of spring it is also known as Monkey Paw after the resemblance of delicate, curled, downy buds it contains. A tea so delicious it perfectly exemplifies the truth that green tea does not have to be a bitter brew for the virtuous. It's a truly luxurious and indulgent experience.


Gentle vegetal notes are balanced by a smooth sweetness.  It has a delicacy and clean refreshing flavour that can soften the hardest heart - that might have been put-off green tea by industrial bags.


Green tea has been enjoyed in China for 5000 years. Today, world-wide interest continues to grow, stimulated by an increasing understanding of its benefits to our well being. The large-scale tea companies, however, have attempted to capture consumers with the lure of these health-giving benefits and clever packaging rather than by the quality of their teas.


Rare Tea Company is endeavouring to reverse this trend. We do not offer machine processed or lower grade leaves, often called 'dust', which may be hidden in tea bags. We supply only the finest grade whole leaves and downy buds. The antithesis of bitter, mass produced green teas.


The clea, subtle flavours are an ideal tea to accompany food. It goes particularly well with Oriental food and we love it for breakfast with smoked salmon and poached eggs.


See the beautiful Fujian Mountains in China here.

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