Lost Malawi Tea Lost Malawi Tea

Rich, black tea from a Fairtrade garden in the mountains of Malawi.  

To compare this to an ordinary tea would be like comparing a line-drawing with a sculpture. This is like drinking normal tea but in 3-D.

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More about Lost Malawi Tea



Lost Malawi is the perfect Afternoon Tea. Delicious with milk and sugar, it is also wonderful on its own. It goes splendidly with clotted cream and scones.

Because of the quality of the leaf Lost Malawi doesn't just make one pot. If you refill the pot with fresh water you'll find the second infusion is even better than the first.


This is a single estate tea grown and lovingly made on a farm called Satemwa on Thyolo Mountain in the Shire Highlands of Malawi. 

It's not a modern industrial blend churned out by vast machines. Lost Malawi is an old fashioned tea crafted in small batches with great care. It has a depth and quality almost forgotten.


Like all good crops the leaf is seasonal - picked only when the tea bush is at is best.  For this reason there is only a limited supply


Lost Malawi is 100% Fairtrade tea. 

Part of the money you spend goes on providing the local community with fresh water, adult education and solar power as well as scholarships for orphans.

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