Whole Leaf White Tea Whole Leaf White Tea

Pure white China tea also known as White Peony or Bai Mu Dan.

Entirely hand-made from tender spring buds and new leaves. Like White Silver Tip it has a gentle sweetness combined with fresh grassy notes - but the open leaves give a deeper flavour and a hint of peach.

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More about Whole Leaf White Tea

Our Whole Leaf White Tea is sourced from a farm high in the Fujian mountains near the village of Fuding in China. This is the 'champagne' of white tea regions. The farm has no electricity and everything is done by hand to exacting, traditional methods.


Here is the farm.


Unlike White Silver Tip Tea which comprises just the spring buds this tea also contains the first delicate leaves. The combination of tender spring buds and the freshest new leaves, plucked just as they open to the sun, creates a remarkable depth of flavour.  Soft, sweet and green like freshly mown grass the flavour is wonderfully rounded.


Quite unlike a black tea which has been oxidised to bring out the stronger, more tannic flavours white tea is just dried in the sunshine. It is the least processed of all teas. Undergoing such limited processing Whole Leaf White Tea retains higher levels of antioxidants than other teas. 


It makes two or more infusions. The second cup is even more delicious than the first.

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