Silver Tip Jasmine Tea Silver Tip Jasmine Tea

The finest white silver tips scented with fresh jasmine flowers.

Not flavoured and containing no additives. Delicate silver tips absorb the scent of fresh jasmine flowers over six consecutive nights. Once the preserve of Emperors this is simply the finest jasmine tea available anywhere.

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More about Silver Tip Jasmine Tea

This is completely pure tea that has been laid out with flowers to take on their scent. It is the very highest grade jasmine tea - originally created as a Tribute Tea only for the Emperor and forbidden outside the Imperial Household. 


You can see the jasmine fileds and the scenting on one of Hernietta's trips to China here 

Jasmine tea can be made using any tea as a base and is most often flavoured with oils or synthetic flavourings to mask low grade leaves. This is the highest grade white tea scented with fresh flowers.   


After the white silver tips have been plucked from a tea garden high in the Fujian mountain - they are taken to a jasmine farm for scenting.  

The jasmine blossom is picked by night when the flowers give off their heady perfume. The silver tips are laid out with the fresh flowers on bamboo frames and they spend the night together. At an exact temperature and humidity the tender silver tips absorb the jasmine's scent. Each morning the jasmine flowers flowers are removed and each night fresh flowers used.


This process is repeated six times, over six consecutive nights to add a unique depth of flavour.   

Although the scent is deep the silver tips retain their delicate sweetness.The jasmine aroma is all in the 'nose' leaving the flavour both subtle and soft.  

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