Genmaicha Genmaicha

Comprised of top grade Sencha with organic Japanese toasted brown rice.

Produced in Shizuoka by the revered master Moriuchi san.

Rich, vegetal notes of buttery asparagus with a popcorn aroma.

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More about Genmaicha

This Genmaicha, is rather special and unusual, as we use a superior Sencha grown in Shizuoka by Moriuchi san, and combine with organic Japanese toasted brown rice.


Sometimes Genmaicha is made with old, inferior or lower grade sencha and the toasted rice is used to disguise the inferior quality.  We don't do that.


The sencha is crafted by Moriuchi san - one of the most revered tea-masters in Japan on his 200 year old tea-garden in Shizuoka - a family run garden, with his wife and daughter.


This lovely sencha is remarkably complex and deep.  It has a very green, vegetal taste of buttered asparagus, with a warm, rich aroma of popcorn.


We recommend using water at between 60 and 70 degrees.

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