Wild Rooibos Wild Rooibos

The real Red Bush from the Cedarberg Mountains of South Africa. 

Better than organic this rooibos is harvested completely wild in its indigenous environment. A richly delicious, caffeine free infusion.

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More about Wild Rooibos

Wild Rooibos is not exactly tea and it's not like anything you've ever tried before - even if you are familiar with rooibos. The taste is incredible. Its deep, rich, berry flavours are incomparable to the bland, commercial crop stuffed in bags. (It is loose not because of snobbery or affectations but because we didn't want to grind it into dust just so it wouldn't tear a tea-bag.)

This is real bush-tea - harvested on a wild mountainside, on horse-back with machetes in the Cedarberg Mountains of South Africa. 


You can see pictures of the farm here and you can watch a little film I made for the Guardian.


This is no ordinary tea harvest. But then rooibos (Afrikaans for 'red bush') is no ordinary tea. Strictly speaking a legume, the needle-like leaves produce a deeply delicious caffeine-free drink.  It has been used as a medicine to cure innumerable ills and drunk for pleasure for many thousands of years by the people of this area.

This is sustainable farming at its best. 

Rather than being farmed as a mono-culture it is harvested wild where it grows naturally. Where this bush-tea grows wild leopards roam. I source it from a farmer who is also the local GP - Dr Strauss. He is an amazing man who is not just interested in saving people but the environment and the endangered Cape Leopard.


By leaving whole areas of the mountains uncultivated and un-grazed the delicate ecosystem survives intact.  The plants in this arid region are unique and perfectly adapted.  Growing in its natural habitat rooibos needs nothing to flourish unlike its cultivated counterparts. It needs no pesticides, no herbicides and no irrigation. For fertilizers it has leopard shit. This is far beyond organic farming.

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